Friday, January 20, 2006

Grid's Top Six in 2006 by Greg Nawrocki

Greg Nawrocki wrote an article titled Grid's Top Six in 2006 in Grid Today lists down top 6 rid areas and some 6 interesting vendors to watch out for in the coming year. The vendors are the same as the author wrote in his earlier blog.

The top 6 areas include:
  • Data Virtualization and Grid Computing Directions
  • Securing the Grid
  • Network Intelligence Increasing the Grid's IQ
  • The Linux/Grid Relationship
  • Grid Licensing Issues
  • Virtual Workspaces
And the 6 interesting vendors include:
  • Platform Computing
  • Univa Corp.
  • EMC Corp.
  • Cisco Systems
  • Network Appliance
  • Microsoft Corp.
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