Thursday, January 19, 2006

CBR-Oracle Grid Survey

According to CBR's latest survey into attitudes towards grid computing, understanding of the concepts and technologies is growing, while the problems that grid computing can help solve are getting worse. The survey of IT decision makers also says that the problems associated with maintaining enterprise applications infrastructure have got worse in the last two years.

The survey is concluded with the following noteworthy remarks:
CBR's latest grid survey indicates that knowledge of grid computing has increased by a significant margin in the last two years. That knowledge is slowly being turned into increased understanding of concepts and technologies and then into pilot projects and live implementations. With good levels of interest and adoption for some of the underlying technologies, it appears that grid computing is on the cusp of a new level of deployment. For many users the advantages of grid computing cannot come too soon. As the pain points associated with managing, upgrading and supporting enterprise applications continue to rise, and utilisation rates remain low, many more businesses are likely to follow up their growing understanding of grid computing to investigate the potential business benefits.
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