Sunday, July 16, 2006

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Recently, I have been busy at work so stopped blogging for a while. During the period of inactivity, there had been numerous news items and grid related activities that I have been starring in my reader and mails.
  • EGA - GGF Merger: EGA and GGF, the two mainstream standard groups which have been discussing about a merger for soem time now, have finally merged to form a new entity Open Grid Forum (OGF). OGF Website is still under construction and the Board of Directors and leadership teams are yet to be finalized.
    The Sci-Tech Today has the following comments:
    Mark Linesch, who will lead the group, said the OGF would "open new doors to scientific discovery, business value and commercial adoption worldwide."
    Experts welcomed the end of the groups' prolonged sparring over definitions and semantics.
    Instead of quoting more, I am providing a link of related resource for the interested readers:

  • Airbus into Grid Computing: Grid Today in a news story reports that Fujitsu Systems has received order from Airbus for SynfiniWay HPC Grid middleware
    SynfiniWay proved to have the most complete and integrated Grid computing solution for aerodynamics analyses at Airbus, combining service-oriented applications with open workflow capabilities for efficient support of complex dynamic processes.

    Fujitsu Systems Europe has also been contracted to develop the services around the aerodynamic applications, and to integrate SynfiniWay within the existing user desktop tools for transparent grid access.
  • A good Computational Grid Intro: I came across this well written state of affairs of Computational Grid by Tim Bray in his ongoing weblog.

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