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Grid Computing Books: Grid Computing - The Savvy Manager’s Guide

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Title: Grid Computing - The Savvy Manager's Guide
Authors: Pawel Plaszczak & Rich Wellner, Jr.
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
ISBN: 0127425039
Sample Chapter: N/A
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Review: Taken from the online edition of Primeur
The book starts with some artificial, business cases, explaining how Grid technologies could be useful in business. Then it continues with Grid basics, including notes on the history: Grid computing is not a completely new invention, but builds on a number of developments in the nineties, such as metacomputing and distribtued computing.
The book is meant as a starting point. The reader is presented an overview of some resources for futher investigation, and there is a supporting web site which is kept up to date and with some links per chapter to other sources. However, when reading a book, I prefer the references to be contained in the book: you do not always have Internet at hand and it also disrupts the reading process if you first have to go to a computer to read the reference.
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A decade ago, the corporate world viewed grid computing as a curiosity. Today, it views it as an opportunity--a chance to reduce costs, improve performance, fund new projects, and take advantage of under-utilized capacity. The engineering behind this transformation has been amply documented. Until now, however, little has been written to prepare managers, executives, and other decision-makers to implement grid computing in a sensible and effective way.

Grid Computing: The Savvy Manager's Guide examines the technology from a rigorous business perspective, equipping you with the practical knowledge you need to assess your options and determine what grid computing approach is right for your enterprise. This book is heavy on real-world experience, distilling from a rich assortment of case studies the best practices currently at work in a variety of industries. Always attentive to grid computings many competitive advantages, it is also realistic about the challenges of selling the idea to staff and making it a part of your companys culture.
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If find grid computing very interesting. The book looks like it might be interesting to check out. I participate in BOINC. I would like to see a blog post about BOINC.