Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Grid Brokers and Metaschedulers Market Overview by GridwiseTech

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GridwiseTech have an overview of the Grid brokers and metaschedulers currently available on the market. A good roundup for anyone looking for such solutions.

Executive Summary

The report has been written from a vendor-independent perspective. Following the policy of GridwiseTech, we offer fully unbiased evaluation of the researched metaschedulers. The report does not rate the discussed solutions against one another, and the order of their presentation is entirely unrelated to their respective quality.

We are pleased to offer commentary on the following solutions:

  • CSF and Platform CSF Plus
  • Grid Service Broker
  • GridWay
  • Moab Grid Scheduler (aka Silver)
  • EGEE Workload Manager Service (WMS)
  • Nimrod/G and Axceleon EnFuzion
  • MP Synergy
  • Condor-G
Download the report from: http://www.gridwisetech.com/component/option,com_docman

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