Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Grid Blog: Call for Particiation CCGrid 2006

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The Grid Blog: Call for Particiation CCGrid 2006

6th IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid
CCGrid 2006
16-19 May 2006
SMU Campus, Singapore

CCGrid 2006 (http://pdcc.ntu.edu.sg/ccgrid2006) will be held jointly with GridAsia 2006


CCGrid 2006 is the sixth in a series of successful international conferences and for the first time will take place in the heart of South-East Asia - Singapore. The conference will be held at Singapore Management University in the centre of Singapore. The past years have seen tremendous challenges with the convergence of Web Services and Grid Technology. There have been major initiatives - internationally as well as locally - within the community that has taken up these challenges. Grid Technology enables us tmake a major change in the paradigm for conducting our work with the holy grail of "computing on tap", which in particular includes collaborative sharing. With this in mind CCGrid 2006 provides researchers and practitioners with an excellent opportunity tshare their research and experience at the cross-roads of Grid Technology. The areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Web Services Flow Languages

  • Programming Models, Tools & Environments

  • Peer-to-Peer computing

  • Information Services

  • Resource Exchange Architectures

  • Grid-based Problem Solving Environments

  • Scientific, Engineering and Commercial Grid Applications

  • Middleware for Clusters and Grids

  • Parallel File Systems & Wide Area File Systems

  • Scheduling and Load Balancing

  • Performance Evaluation and Modelling

  • Resource Management and Scheduling

  • Computational Data and Information Grid

  • Architectures and Systems

  • Grid Economies and Service Architectures


CCGrid2006 will be held in conjunction with GridAsia2006 in Singapore Management University (SMU) Campus (http://www.ngp.org.sg/gridasia/2006/venue.html).

The conference will contain:

Registration Dates

Advanced Registration: 15 April 2006 (Registration Site)


Special rates have been arranged for GridAsia2006/CCGrid2006 delegates for the following hotels: Grand Plaza Parkroyal, Rendzvous Hotel Singapore, and Carlton Hotel Singapore. http://pdcc.ntu.edu.sg/ccgrid2006/conf.htm

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