Sunday, October 02, 2005

The uses of Grid Computing

Grid was primarily devised for computationally intensive scientific work like systems design, data analysis and visualization, climate research, and so on (see Error! Reference source not found.). Hence it was used for these purposes in various projects. Later on the concept was generalized to sharing just about any kind of resource. The new capabilities provided by the grid greatly facilitate the scientists and engineers. Some of the ways grid can be used are:
  • High throughput computing
  • Distributed Supercomputing
  • Data-intensive computing
  • On demand computing (utility computing)
  • Collaboration within and among organizations
  • Data sharing between various offices and partners
  • Virtual enterprises and virtual markets could be developed easily using grids
  • Providing virtual services, like virtual lectures, virtual stores, etc
  • To connect and share heterogeneous distributed resources

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